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a bit about me:

I’m Camille.


I like to think of myself as a mutable, intuitive, healing, Pisces and these trait carry over in my design style.


My interest lies within garments with challenging design elements and in visual installments that push the boundaries of what we know to be comfortable. Along my career, I’m hoping to spend time learning more about large scale strategic design from conception to final product. 


I love the rogue DIY, the ins and outs of interior design and upholstery, and a good tarot reading, but my true passion and inspiration manifests within the idea of changing the binary of what we know to be true. As a person who has taken on challenging my beliefs in search of a genuine life, in my career I want to create new definitions in art and design and leave consumers with more curiosity and introspection. I want to create an impact that goes beyond the interaction. 

watch for insight into what design means to me:


polished magazine

intoku magazine

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